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PhP is annoying to learn, and there's quite a few tutorials that just tell you to copy-paste a block of code. It's quite cool to see the basics explained in a flash :) The intro was a bit long, especially if people want to look something up quickly (Sorry, had to nag ;)).

Most problems I had with PhP are server permissions and such, couldn't find anything about those? Ignore this line if they *are* within the flash, I didn't check everything ;)

Good job !

NinoGrounds responds:

I agree, but when you become good, become "funny" and interesting.
The Intro is now a official Crotian Sith Clan Flash intro/logo, and I think it is very good.

Thanks for the idea "server permissions" - but you have that also here -- check out the "CHMOD", you don't even have to have FTP Program; but I'll in the Part 4 describe how to Chmod via FTP Program.

Thanks for the review,

Very good

Great mix of 3D and cell graphics :) The *only* thing I feel that could use improvement is perhaps some more expressions on the monkey's face, other than that it's very stylish!

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I've messed around with it, and although there are a few quirks (like meshes folding themselves up for no apparent reason), this is damn impressive :D

Did you actually write your own physics engine based on your own ideas, or did you implement a technique like Verlet ?

Keep up the good work man :)

Glaiel-Gamer responds:

well meshes folding themselves up could be a result of only using extensive springs. and even so, take a piece of cloth and hol it. It folds up.

Everything in here was my own idea, i want connected to the internet when i made this on my dad's laptop.


Pretty cool game, good physics, insanely low filesize. It's got an easy concept but it's hard to get far ;) Too bad Flash can't generate sounds with the API yet!

(0's aren't ment as bad marks, but I couldn't leave them unrated)


...My eyes hurt, but I've played this for quite a while :)

The only thing that bothered me was that I had to play quite a while to get alot of colors (and challenge), but after that it got quite good. The menu was odd, it took me a while to find out that I had to use the keyboard :P

Pretty good game, though all-mouse controls would've made it better suitable for lazy players like me :D

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